The Nakagawa Yukio Office has been established to assist and support the artistic activities of Mr. Yukio Nakagawa.

I have been immensely influenced by Mr. Nakagawa who continues his struggles to "see through a life of a flower" through his lifelong work. What is more, Mr. Nakagawa has not confined his artistic expression only to plants and flowers but expanded it into the fields of calligraphy and glass casting. We should not merely say he is multi-talented. Flower arrangement, calligraphy, and glass casting are flowers that have grown from the soil of Mr. Nakagawa's artistic expression.

Come to think, there was Sen-no-Rikyu who was a visual artist who purely expressed Japanese culture, and centuries after him, Yukio Nakagawa appeared. Mr. Nakagawa is the Nipponia Nippon of Japanese culture. Although it is regrettable to say, he is of a rare and precious kind on the verge of extinction. Both of us born in Setouchi, we have seen the same sunset, have eaten the same fish as we grew up... that is why I cannot leave Mr. Nakagawa alone. He should not be left in a corner, he must be set in the center of Japan. Together with members who share my thoughts, I hope to support the work of Yukio Nakagawa, a Nipponia Nippon.
Akira Hayasaka (Author)